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March 1st Schedule Changes

Published: Expires: 3/6/2015

Effective Sunday, March 1st, 2015 three Weekday Route 10 trips and one Weekday Route 12 trip will have adjustments to schedule times.


The 6:52a.m. Route 10 trip from downtown will change to 6:42am.

The 7:10a.m. Route 10E trip from Door 8 to downtown will change to 7:06a.m.

The 3:54p.m. Route 10H trip from Haines Rd. and Mall Dr. will change to 3:41p.m..

Route 12:

The 5:35p.m. Route 12 trip from UMD to downtown will change to 5:50p.m., continuing from downtown as Route 16 and terminating at Tower and 14th in Superior Wi.

The schedule changes may be viewed as follows: Route 10 and Route 12.

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