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Route 9LS return to service Monday, January 14 Routes 13U and 18 return to service Tuesday, January 22

Published: Expires: 2/15/2013

After being suspended during semester break, Route 9LS buses resumed service at Lake Superior College on Monday, January 14 - the first day of spring semester at LSC.

Routes 13U and 18 buses will return to service on Tuesday, January 22 – the start of Spring Semester for UMD and College of St. Scholastica.

Route 18 provides weekday service along Arrowhead Road and Rice Lake Road between Pecan Avenue and Central Entrance, for Campus Park Housing, Boulder Ridge Apartments, Summit Ridge Apartments, College of St. Scholastica and UMD. 

Route 13U provides additional service between downtown Duluth and UMD along Route 13 (East 4th Street – UMD – Woodland) whenever UMD classes are in session during fall and spring semesters.

Routes 9LSC, 13U and 18 are only in service during fall and spring semesters whenever classes are in session.  These routes do not provide service during the summer months, semester breaks or holidays.

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