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DTA to implement several service changes for routes #9 and #13 on Sunday, January 6

Published: Expires: 1/20/2013

The Duluth Transit Authority will implement several schedule changes to its Route #9 and Route #13 service beginning Sunday, January 6, 2013.

In an effort to provide additional service for UMD, where ridership continues to grow, Route #13 buses will begin serving the campus on all of its scheduled trips – seven days a week. Currently, Route #13W buses do not provide direct service to UMD after 7:27 p.m. on weekdays or on Sundays as they bypass the campus - operating on Woodland Avenue between College Street and the Woodland neighborhood.  These changes will enhance service at UMD, especially after 9:35 p.m. on weekdays, where only Route #11K service is available; and on Sundays, where only Route #11K is available on campus.

Due to growing ridership at UMD, the DTA will continue to provide additional support on busy weekday Route #11 and Route #13 trips to and from campus.

In an effort to provide later weekday service at Lake Superior College, a 9:10 p.m. trip departing LSC will be added to the Route #9 schedule on January 7th.   This trip was temporarily provided in October and will become permanent on Monday, January 7th.  Previously, the last Route #9 trip from LSC was 4:02 p.m.  The last Route #5 bus departs LSC at 7:17 p.m.

Route #9M weekend service from downtown will terminate at Super One instead of the Miller Hill Mall Door 8 Stop beginning January 6th. This revision was made due to low ridership and to redirect operational hours to accommodate new services at LSC and UMD.

Other weekday changes include Route #2 evening trips.  Route #2 buses will depart 10 minutes later to 9:20 p.m., 10:20 p.m. and 11:20 p.m.   Route #2 trips to downtown will depart Commonwealth and McCuen 10 minutes later at 11:00 p.m. and 12:00 p.m.

Saturday changes include the delaying of the Route #10 trip from the Miller Hill Mall from 6:55 p.m. to 7:02 p.m.

Sunday changes include two earlier trips morning trips on the Route #2 trip to downtown from Commonwealth and McCuen.   Schedule times will be changed from 8:05 a.m. and 9:05 a.m. to 7:55 a.m. and 8:55 a.m.  Other Sunday changes include the 5:44 p.m. trip from Route #16, which will become a Route #13 bus departing downtown Duluth at 6:35 p.m.  In addition, the Route #11K bus departing Kenwood at 6:11 p.m. will be changed to 6:20 p.m. with connecting service to Superior via Route #16 service.

  • Route #9 Piedmont – 9:10 p.m. weekday departure from Lake Superior College
    In an effort to provide service to accommodate Lake Superior College evening classes, the DTA will permanently add a weekday evening trip departing LSC at 9:10 p.m. on January 7th.  This 9:10 trip will be provided even when classes are not in session.
  • Route #9M Piedmont/Mall Weekend Service – Terminates at Super One
    Route 9M weekend buses from downtown will terminate at Super One instead of the Miller Hill Mall’s Door 8 stop beginning Sunday, January 6th
  • Route #13 E. 4th/UMD/Woodland – New evening and Sunday service at UMD
    All current Route #13W buses will provide service to and from UMD during weekday evenings and on Sundays beginning Sunday, January 6th.  Presently, 13W buses bypass UMD and remain on Woodland Avenue between College Street and the Woodland neighborhood.  Beginning January 6th, Route #13 buses departing downtown Duluth at 8:10 p.m., 9:10 p.m. and 10:10 p.m. will provide service to UMD with departure times from campus to Woodland at 8:27 p.m., 9:27 p.m. and 10:27 p.m.   Route #13 will add three weekday evening trips from UMD to downtown at 9:01 p.m., 10:01 p.m. and 11:01 p.m.  Effective January 6th, Route #13 will begin serving UMD on Sundays, with departure times from UMD to downtown at 9:27 a.m. and running hourly until 7:27 p.m.; and service to the Woodland neighborhood departing UMD hourly from 8:53 a.m. until 6:53 p.m. 
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