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Proctor buses return to 57th Avenue West on Sunday, July 15. Route 16 buses remain on detour.

Published: Expires: 7/30/2012

The DTA is returning Route #3 Proctor buses to its regular routing on 57th Avenue West on Sunday, July 15.

Due to the flood damage on 57th A.W., the DTA had detoured its Route #3 Proctor buses onto 59th A.W. Now that street repairs on 57th A.W. have been made, Proctor buses will resume regular routing.

With the resumption of service on 57th A.W., all DTA services in Duluth – some of which were detoured due to flood-damaged streets – have returned to regular routing after the Flood of 2012.

In Superior, however, Route #16 buses are still on detour between Catlin and 21st Street to Hill Avenue and 28th Street due to the flooding – preventing the DTA from providing direct service on its regular route to Wessman Arena, WITC and Superior Senior High School.

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