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DTA alters routing at Walmart beginning Friday, July 8

Published: Expires: 8/20/2011

DTA buses prohibited from Walmart parking lot – Service on Mall Drive


Beginning Friday, July 8th, DTA service to and from Walmart will be permanently changed. Route #5 buses will no longer enter the Walmart parking lot; but will service all passengers at a single bus stop boarding area on Mall Drive.

Route 5 buses will continue to provide service to and from Walmart; but only on Mall Drive, which runs adjacent to the Walmart parking lot. Route 5 buses will serve the County Jail and the Airport before stopping at Walmart. For passenger safety, Route 5 buses will buses will drop off passengers and board passengers at the same bus stop and at the same time on Mall Drive.

Route 5 (West-to-the-Mall-Area) buses provide service between the Zoo, Lake Superior College, the Miller Hill Mall area, Walmart and Airport via Grand Avenue, Piedmont Avenue and Trinity Road. Connections between downtown buses and Route 5 buses are made at the Door 8 Bus Stop at the Miller Hill Mall.

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