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Detour - All Westbound Routes - DTC Maintenance

Published: Expires: 10/9/2017

Beginning Monday, October 2nd, work on sections of the curbing at the Duluth Transportation Center (DTC) will result in the closure of the interior boarding area for westbound bus routes. This will result in all westbound buses, along with Jefferson Lines, to board and alight on Michigan Street where eastbound DTA bus routes do. All buses heading west from the DTC will depart via Michigan Street to 2nd Avenue West and proceed west on Superior Street returning to regular route. Due to the significant increase in bus traffic, the portion of Michigan Street east of the DTC entrance to 2nd Avenue West will be marked as a "no parking" area so that it can be used as an expanded boarding area.

During peak-hour service, buses will pull up as far as possible to allow room for following buses to be able to adequately fit into this limited space. Buses using this area will make sure they dwell for a period of time to ensure that passengers can identify which bus they need to board. During off-peak hours and on the weekend, it is not anticipated that the overflow area will be needed. 

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