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Route 5 – West to the Mall Area

Effective August 27, 2017

The NEW Route 5 will operate daily and provide direct service on weekdays and Saturdays to the Miller Hill Mall area without going through downtown. It now originates in New Duluth and travels along Grand Avenue in West Duluth and Third Street in Lincoln Park before going up Piedmont Avenue to the Miller Hill Mall. It also stops at the Airport and Walmart on Saturdays and Sundays. Please note that the route originates at the zoo on Saturdays and on Sundays, it is only a mall area circulator bus.

Major Route Destinations

  • Lake Superior Zoo
  • Spirit Valley
  • Wade Stadium
  • Wheeler Field
  • Harrison Community Center
  • Lake Superior College
  • Miller Hill Mall
  • Target
  • Super One – Mall Area
  • Walmart
  • Duluth International Airport

Weekday Timepoints

  1. Highway 23 and Highway 210
  2. Commonwealth Avenue and McCuen
  3. 88th Avenue West and Idaho
  4. Zoo
  5. Grand Avenue and 58th Avenue West
  6. 21st Avenue West and 2nd Street
  7. Lake Superior College
  8. Miller Mall Door 8
  9. Target
  10. Super One

Saturday & Sunday Timepoints

  1. Zoo
  2. Grand Avenue and 58th Avenue West
  3. 21st Avenue West and 2nd Street
  4. Lake Superior College
  5. Miller Mall Door 8
  6. Target
  7. Super One
  8. Airport
  9. Walmart
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