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DTA to detour for Christmas City of the North Parade

Published: Expires: 11/22/2008

Extra buses provided after the Christmas City of the North Parade

In order to accommodate the annual Christmas City of the North Parade on Friday November 21, Duluth Transit Authority buses will be detoured from Superior Street, between Fifth Avenue West and Lake Avenue from approximately 6:15 p.m. to 8:45 p.m. All DTA buses regularly scheduled to travel through the downtown area during the parade will follow the standard DTA parade routing on First and Second Streets.

BUS TO PARADE Parade spectators can avoid traffic congestion and limited downtown parking by taking the DTA to and from the parade. Route and schedule information can be obtained by calling 722-SAVE.

EXTRA BUSES ADDED AFTER THE PARADE: Additional DTA buses will be provided after the parade to supplement regular route service and accommodate the increased demand for bus service.


WESTBOUND BUSES: including Duluth/Superior buses will be detoured onto First Street.

EASTBOUND BUSES: including Woodland, Lakeside, East Hillside, Park Point, and Duluth Heights buses, will be routed onto Second Street.

BOARDING BUSES: DTA will board passengers at all intersections along the detour route.

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