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Proctor Hoghead Festival Detour

Published: Expires: 8/17/2008

The annual "Proctor Hoghead Festival" will be held on Wednesday through Saturday, August 13 - 17. Third Avenue between 4th and 5th Streets will be closed from Wednesday morning through sometime in the early morning. Sunday, August 20. The festival will cause the #3 Proctor route buses to detour Wednesday through Sunday. There will be two different detours during this festival; a detour for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, Sunday; and a different detour for Saturday during the parade.

Festival Detour For Wednesday through Sunday August 13th to 17th ending around 2pm on Sunday

Outbound: Via regular route to Boundary and 5th Street, then via Boundary Avenue to Zenith Terrace, back on Boundary Avenue to 5th Street, then detour via 5th Street, left on 2nd Avenue, right on 2nd Street to the #3 terminal.

Inbound: From the #3 terminal via regular route to 2nd Street and 2nd Avenue, left on 2nd Avenue, right on 5th Street, right on Boundary Avenue to Zenith Terrace and regular route.

Saturday Aug 16th Parade Detour 11:30 A.M. to approximately 2:00 P.M.

Outbound: Regular route to Boundary and 5th Street, then via Boundary Avenue into Zenith Terrace, Boundary Avenue, Highway #2, left on 2nd Street and regular route.

Inbound: Reverse of Outbound

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