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Route 22 – Lincoln Park to Lakeside

Effective August 27, 2017

The NEW Route 22 starts at the Lincoln Park Middle school and proceeds along West Third Street and Superior Street to the DTC downtown. It then travels along London Road before traveling by East High School on 40th Avenue East. The route then goes near Lester Park in Lakeside.

Student Handout (PDF)

Major Route Destinations

  • Lincoln Park Middle School
  • Harrison Community Center
  • Lincoln Park
  • Duluth Transportation Center (DTC)
  • Endi Complex
  • Glensheen Mansion
  • East High School
  • Lakeside Super One
  • Lester Park

Route Timepoints

  1. 45th Avenue East and Superior Street
  2. Superior Street and 60th Avenue East
  3. Superior Street and 45th Avenue East
  4. East High School at 40th Avenue East
  5. London Road and 21st Avenue East
  6. Fitgers Ramp
  7. Duluth Transportation Center (DTC)
  8. 21st Avenue Est and Superior Street
  9. Lincoln Park Middle School
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